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Fact: "African American students are less likely to be college-ready. In fact, 61 percent of ACT-tested black students in the 2015 high school graduating class met none of the four ACT college readiness benchmarks, nearly twice the 31 percent rate for all students." (source: UNCF)

Fact: "Students of color are often concentrated in schools with fewer resources. Schools with 90 percent or more students of color spend $733 less per student per year than schools with 90 percent or more white students." (source: UNCF)

Fact: "In 2015, the average reading score for white students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 4th and 8th grade exam was 26 points higher than black students. Similar gaps are apparent in math. The 12th grade assessment also show alarming disparities as well, with only seven percent of black students performing at or above proficient on the math exam in 2015, compared to 32 percent white students." (source: UNCF)

The children in the African American community are being left behind. Together, we can invest in their potential and future.  


We are taking a huge step toward helping our youth achieve academic and personal excellence. This Fall, we are proud to announce, we will be opening our first private elementary school, the STEAMI Learning Institute in Knoxville, Tennessee.


STEAMI (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math Innovation) Learning Institute is a STEM-based,  full-time academic institution that is dedicated to transforming our black children’s lives. We will be teaching skills necessary to become exceptional, academically challenged, driven, and disciplined members of their community. 


We have big dreams for STEAMI Learning Academy - including opening additional satellite campuses throughout the Southeast Region. Together, we can make that happen. In August, we are launching the “Drive for 25’’  campaign which is an effort to secure 500 supporters to donate a tax-deductible donation of $25 monthly or $250 annually.