The Power of 20

20 minutes a day can make a genius. 

20 minutes a day with your child engaging in an educational activity can develop a life of success and happiness for your offsprings. 

20 minutes of reading a book, writing an essay or journal entry, solving math problems, developing his/her vocabulary, developing a science project, learning how to code, learning new ACT/SAT words, building bricks via legos, learning a foreign language or solving a crossword puzzle can result in the world’s next architect, scientist, professor, successful business person, lawyer, doctor, computer programmer, or motivational speaker. 

If your child is a toddler (4 or 5 yrs old), 20 minutes a day x 7 days a week x 52 weeks a year equals 7280 minutes a year. That’s over 121 hours of educational engagement annually. Now, if he/she does that for the next 12 years, that’s over 1400 hours of educational engagement. That’s more than what the majority of your child’s peers will engage over a 20 yr span. 

If your child is in middle school, 20 minutes a day can still push him/her to the next plateau. 20 minutes a day for a 6th grader will result in 7280 minutes a year of educational enrichment. By the time, he/she graduates high school, that number would be 43,680 minutes or 728 hours of educational engagement. That’s more than enough hours to prepare him/her for college/university life. It can result in a free ride to a university or it can result into to a successful stint in a technical or trade school.

20 minutes (or more) a day can bring out the academic giants that lay within all of our children. The opportunities are in the world. But will each one of us invest the time and energy to ensure that this becomes a reality for our children and/or grandchildren.

- Reggie Jenkins, Executive Director of UUNIK Academy

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