How to deal with spoiled teens?

Do you have spoiled teens who think you are a bank teller and not grateful for the sacrifices you provide? Are you tired of fussing and complaining about their behavior?

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, instead working your butt off to provide a big meal and gifts, drop them off at a local Salvation Army or the Love Kitchen (Knoxville) and make them volunteer n serve others. Let them spend a day there and then make them write an essay about their experiences.

A lot of our children need to be humbled and change their perspective on life.

In all honesty, our children don’t need a lot of gifts and overconsumption of meals. But they need to learn humility, to be more thoughtful, and need experiences that build character.

Our jobs is to rear productive men/women of character and work ethic, not spoiled grown males and females who heavily depend on you. Otherwise, you will be working the rest of your days taking care of them (and their unborn children).

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